Adorable way owner wakes up deaf and blind dog without scaring her leaves people in tears

Aiden rescued Australian shepherd dog Plum, who is deaf and blind, and found an adorable way to wake her up from a nap after touching her made her frightened

Aiden Mann knew instantly he had to give a home to Australian shepherd dog Plum when a colleague who was fostering her brought the pup into work.

Plum is deaf and blind, and Aiden said he knew he and his other dog Lola could give her the loving home she deserved.

After adopting her, he found that it was very difficult to wake Plum up from a nap without scaring her.

Touching her would make her jump and leave her disorientated, and even leaving snacks under nose didn’t do the job.

But Aiden eventually found an adorable way to gently wake her up – and it’s melting hearts all over the internet as it racks up millions and millions of views.

He uploaded a video to TikTok showing Plum having a snooze on the floor, captioning it: “People ask me how I wake up my deaf and blind pup without scaring her.”

Aiden then lies on the floor next to her and gently blows on her nose, and she instantly jumps up to try and find him for some well-deserved ear scratches.

He wrote: “Then she wants all the love. Daddy’s here, and always will be.”

The video has had a staggering 54 million views on TikTok as the video left others in tears.

One commented: “I swear you are the sweetest soul and you’re perfect for her!”

Another said: “Not being dramatic, but I would die for that dog” – to which Aiden replied “You and I both”.

A third replied: “I’m crying, this is so sweet. Thanks for giving her a loving home.”

Aiden told Bored Panda: “The biggest struggle was probably learning to communicate and learning what works and doesn’t.

“It took a little for her to memorize the house, get used to the way things were set up, and get used to the way we did things. Her and Lola got along right away and Lola quickly became her ‘safety blanket’.”


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