Man ‘kills girlfriend, her daughter then himself’ as victim’s sister, 12, finds bodies

Gunman Raymond Thomas Jackson was banned from owning a firearm and had been arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence weeks before the killings in the San Francisco area

A mum and her teenage daughter have been shot dead as part of a murder-suicide.

Armed with a shotgun, Raymond Thomas Jackson killed his partner, 53, and the 14-year-old girl before taking his own life yesterday, police said.

Officers at the scene in San Francisco Bay Area, were met by the woman’s other daughter, aged 12, who had found the bodies of her mum and sister in the living room.

It is unclear if Jackson, 50, was still alive when she fled the home – though she is understood to have called 911 at a neighbour’s home around midnight.

Police discovered Jackson, of Vallejo, among the bodies in the house.

In a statement on Tuesday night, police said: “Upon arrival by the police, the 12-year girl told officers that suspect Jackson shot her mother and sister.

“A short time later, officers confirmed three unresponsive subjects were inside the home.

“After police officers rendered the interior safe, paramedics pronounced the victims and suspect deceased at the scene.”

Police have confirmed Jackson has several convictions and was banned from owning a firearm.

He had been arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence last month.

His other convictions include assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, driving under the influence and selling drugs.

“It’s tragic,” Capt. Jason Potts told us.

Detectives Scott Yates and Josh Caitham are leading investigations into the case, while the Solano County Coroner’s office is yet to release the names of the victims.

It is the second double homicide-suicide involving a child in the city this year, with the current murder count at seven.

In February, Jacoby Brandon Brooks had murdered his ex-partner and her son, aged 4, before also taking his own life.


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