Diablo 4 is official: everything you need to know about the next Diablo

And there’s a new villain in town

Interested in Diablo 4? Then you need this handy guide full of everything there is to know about the upcoming game from Blizzard – including what to expect and the Diablo 4 release date.

It’s been eight years since the initial release of Diablo 3, which means we’re dying to find out more about another monstrous loot hunt in the upcoming Diablo 4.

After what feels like years of rumors, Diablo 4 was officially confirmed by Blizzard at Blizzcon in 2019. Now we know that the next core Diablo game is an isometric action role-playing game (RPG), which sees the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto.

It’s likely to feature an open-world map with five main regions, day/night cycles and a non-linear campaign. You’ll smash and loot your way through this world with one of five customizable classes, three of which are already announced.

What’s more, it’s being designed in a brand-new engine for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with plans to simultaneously release it on all platforms (maybe even PS5 and Xbox Series X?). In addition, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson has been recruited to oversee development on the whole Diablo franchise – which can only be good news.

But when is the Diablo 4 release date? And what other surprises might be in the new game? Here’s everything to know so far about the long-awaited RPG from Blizzard.

Cut to the chase
What is it? The next instalation in the veteran action-role playing dungeon crawling series, Diablo.
When can I play it? The Diablo 4 release date is unconfirmed, but ‘not soon’ is what we’re hearing.
What can I play it on? Xbox One, PS4 and PC (maybe next-gen consoles).

Diablo 4 release date

Bad news here: Diablo 4 probably won’t be released anytime soon. At a Blizzcon 2019 deep dive on the game, the game’s director said that he doesn’t expect the game to be finished anytime soon, “even by Blizzard’s standards of soon.”

That said, the fact that the team is developing the game for PS4 and Xbox One heavily implies that the game will be released within the next two to three years – as the lifespan of those consoles will be coming to an abrupt end after the launch of new consoles in late 2020.

Diablo 4 trailers
The Diablo 4 release date might be disappointing, but post BlizzCon 2019, GameInformer brought us plenty of gameplay from Diablo 4 to pore over. Familiar in the best possible way, this footage showcases Diablo 4’s return to an intensely Gothic game world and that addictive gameplay loop that’s made it so famous.

Given the game’s release is some time away (maybe years) it’s possible that everything in this footage could change. But it’s exciting to get a glimpse of the direction in which the game’s development is going.

Below you can watch videos of the the game’s three classes in action: Barbarian, Sorceress and then Druid. All in all it’s about an hour of gameplay which is quite something. Given the game is still a while off yet, maybe ration it.

Diablo 4 was officially announced at Blizzcon 2019 where we got the chance to see both the announcement story cinemati and the first gameplay trailer.

Diablo 4 news, previous leaks and features

Rod Fergusson’s teasing tweets

After departing The Coalition to lead Blizzard’s Diablo team, Rod Fergusson has been posting some interesting tweets about what he’s seeing behind-the-scenes of Diablo 4’s development in his first few days of his new job. In his short time with the team, Fergusson has praised the “beautiful, yet disturbing” imagery created by the art team. We’ll be keeping an eye on his Twitter feed over the next few days to see if he mentions anything else about Diablo 4.

Quarterly Update – February 2019
As promised, Blizzard has posted a quarterly update for the development of Diablo 4. The lengthy update, published to the Blizzard website, has words from Angela Del Priore, Lead UI Designer, and Candace Thomas, Senior Encounter Designer.

Angela Del Priore’s update delves into UI changes, couch co-op and controller support.

UI changes
As far as UI changes are concerned, the inventory will not have different-sized items “to avoid interrupting gameplay with pockets of inventory management”. Item icons are being re-approached with the aim of giving them “natural texture and realism” opposed to the “painterly style” initially pursued. In line with achieving greater realism, the brightness and saturation of icon backgrounds has been toned down and rarity indicators are visually more subtle.

Based on more non-specific feedback, the inventory has also been reorganized for a more “balanced composition”.

In addition to this, there will be more flexibility in binding options based on players asking “to rebind their primary skill to anything but the left mouse button so that they could separate moving from attacking.” As well as making it possible to assign any skill to any slot from the start, all skill slots can have their keys rebound with the intention to support skill rebinding on controllers too.

Finally, the game’s action bar’s location has been up for discussion and based on feedback and field-of-view it’s been decided that it will take a left-corner position on consoles while PC players will be able to choose from a corner or centre position.


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