Fred and Rose West’s chilling slips that exposed murders in their house of horrors

Fred and Rose West were responsible for the deaths of 12 innocent people, including their own daughter, Heather – but their gruesome crimes were finally uncovered due to their own mistakes

For decades Fred and Rose West’s gruesome crimes went undetected – the twisted duo killed 12 innocent victims, including one of their own children.

But one February day in 1994 finally blew open their sick house of horrors and their sick killing spree was finally stopped for good.

The bodies of their abused victims were buried in the garden and even in the walls of the home on Cromwell Stree, Gloucester.

It held such appalling memories for the loved ones of those who had lost their lives and the nation as a hole, the property has now been demolished.

Rose West will spend the rest of her life behind bars and is housed in a prison containing some of Britain’s most dangerous women.

Fred West took his own life before the couple’s trial.

But for those left behind the taint of the couple’s horrific actions has never been removed, including their own children.

For two decades, Rose had been the matriarch of torture, sadism and death at their family home.

She had Fred had claimed at least 12 victims and Rose has always tried to pn the blame on her husband, never accepting responsibility for the gruesome crimes.

Rose came from a troubled home and after initially living with her mum when her parents separated she was soon sent to her father’s.

Years of abuse followed and when she was just a teenager, Rose met Fred and their terrible partnership was born.

Described as having an “insatiable desire for sex”, Rose met her future husband while she was trawling the pubs in her home town, looking for sex – she was just 15 while he was 12 years older at 27.

Before long, the couple realised they shared dark fantasies of sexual desire, including porn, prostitution and sadism.

Even after they set up home together, along with Fred’s two children from his first marriage, they couple would recruit babysitters as often as possible so they could live out their dark fantasies.

Early in their marriage, not long after their eldest child was born, Fred was jailed for 10 months for petty thefts and Rose was left in charge of the three children.

It was while Fred was behind bars that Rose’s darkest parts of her personality emerged when she murdered Fred’s daughter, Charmaine.

Rather than horrify her husband, Rose’s crime seemed to excite him and he confessed he himself had already carried out a double murder.

Fred had butchered his first wife and their nanny, who was also carrying his unborn child.

Fred encased Charmaine in concrete in their first home in Midland Road, where she would remain undiscovered for more than 25 years.

By 1972, the couple had married and Rose was expecting their second child, so the couple moved to a bigger home in Cromwell Street.

Here, their appetite for sexual deprivation increased still further and the house became known for its sex parties.

Fred would pick men up from local pubs to bring back to have sex with his wife while he watched through spy holes.

Three of Rose’s eight children are by partners she slept with behind Fred’s back. Her father was also once again involved in the family an would visit the house to have sex with his daughter.

Desperate to keep up with Rose’s insatiable and twisted fantasies, Fred built a gruesome sex dungeon in the cellar of their family home.

Here they would lure victims downstars and carry out extreme acts of sexual violence and torture.

It wasn’t long before the pair resorted to murder to fulfil their twisted desires, including killing their own daughter, Heather.

She had long been abused by her parents and found their treatment of her younger siblings abhorrent. The trauma she experienced at home had started to spill over at school.

Heather was described by her teachers as a dedicated student but she would refuse to obey staff and would never change her clothes for PE or take a shower with other pupils after a games lesson.

She even tried to reach out to friends for help, telling them about her mother’s sexual activities, but word got back to Fred and he started escorting Heather to and from school.

When she left school, Heather was desperate to flee the family home and applid for a job as a chalet cleaner in Torquay.

She was heartbroken when she didn’t get the job but the day after he was told she disappeared from the family home. Fred and Rose told her siblings there had been a mistake and she had taken the job.

However, when months went by and she hadn’t contacted her brothers and sisters and they became suspicious, Fred and Rose claimed she had eloped with a lesbian lover.

Unconvinced, her sister Mae and brother Stephen reported her missing to police and Fred then claimed his daughter was involved in a credit card fraud.

In reality, Rose had killed her own daughter and cut up her body because “she wouldn’t fit in the dustbin”. Fred buried her under the patio and even built a picnic table for his children to sit on when they had family parties.

Chillingly, Fred would also threaten to bury his other children under the patio like Heather.

Six years after her disappearance, Fred brutally raped his 13-year-old daughter, Louise. Rose’s reaction when her daughter told her was “oh well. You were asking for it”.

After suffering several weeks of abuse, Louise finally confided in a friend, who told her mother, who anonymously tipped police off.

Officers searched the house and despite finding a stash of extreme porn, couldn’t find any tapes of the attacks on Louise.

Detectives heard the harrowing stories of abuse from the West children, who were all taken into care, and a full scale investigation was launched into Fred and Rose.

They were charged with a raft of child cruelty and sex abuse crimes but the case against them collapsed when Louise refused to testify against her parents in court.

Even though they had been acquitted, police still had suspicions about what was happening at the home on Cromwell Street and were still investigating what had happened to Heather.

Finally, due to the confusing stories the couple were telling about what had happened to their daughter, police obtained a search warrant and began digging up the garden.

What they found horrified them – and was enough to put Fred and Rose behind bars.


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